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bSmart is BestMacs’ solution to be smart about the use and support of Apple products in your business (or those of your clients).

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bSmart Monthly Conference Call

BestMacs clients and bSmart paid members can join BestMacs CEO Brian Best on the third Thursday at 3PM (Central, Kansas City time) for a discussion on the Apple news of the day, and live walkthroughs of Apple setup and troubleshooting problems from our guests – maybe even you!  

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bSmart paid members get free consultation from the BestMacs team on any technical problem – like how to approach a broken Mac – or business problem like how to grow their MSP.

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bSmart Early Warning System

While BestMacs recommends SolarWinds RMM for IT Professionals, bSmart paid members can opt-in to our read-only early warning system to receive alerts on common problems on their customers’ Macs via email for a small additonal fee.

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Don’t take our word for it.  See what our friend Dave said about how bSmart helps his business on one of his Testimonial Tuesday videos.

“BestMacs tracks trends and issues that I don’t have time for.  When I encounter a problem for the first time they’ve probably already dealt with it for their clients and have a solution in place.”

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